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Pool Tile Maintenance - Pool Care & Cleaning Pool Tile

Jan 21

Are you looking for an affordable, reliable company to maintain your pool's tile? You should look no further than Sesler Pool Services! We're dedicated to offering quality pool tile care and cleaning services that keep your pool in tip-top condition. From routine checks to major repairs, we have you covered. Call us now!

What is Pool Tile?

There are numerous kinds of pool tiles, however they all have the same purpose: to keep your pool spotless.

Pool tiles are constructed of tough material that is resistant to staining and fade. This makes them a great option for places such as inground pools, spas and hot tubs.

It is crucial to keep your pool tiles looking good. If dirt accumulates on the tile's surface, it can cause discoloration and brittle.

To scrub the tiles of your pool:

1.) Get rid of any floating debris using a skimmer. Skimmers are used to remove large pieces of debris that have settled on the bottom of the pool.

2.) Use the garden hose and a powerful stream to clean the entire surface of the tile. Be sure to use an nozzle specifically designed for cleaning spas and pools. Do not use normal household laundry chemicals or chlorine bleach since they could ruin the finish of the tile.

3.) Clean the tile thoroughly using clean water. After putting the tile back in its place in your spa or pool wash off soap leftover.

Diverse types of tiles for pools

There are a few types of pool tiles used in today's swimming pools The most frequently used are the tiles for coping. These tiles are placed in the bottom of the pool and assist to create an even surface for swimming. They also stop water from getting under the liner and collecting on the deck.

The other kind of tile used in pools is the sand tile. It is typically employed on decks with a lot of foot use. Sand tiles help to avoid sliding and offer an even flooring for walking on.

There are also fiberglass pool tiles. They are constructed of fiberglass strands that are braided together. They provide a great deal of durability and can endure a lot of damage and wear.

How to Clean Pool Tiles

Cleaning the tile of your pool is usually very simple and easy job. A lot of homeowners discover that washing the tile with water and mild soap works well to keep the tile clean and free from algae. If your tile starts to show signs wear or discoloration, you might have to take extra steps to maintain its beauty.

Here are four methods to clean the tiles of your pool

1) Use a professional swimming pool cleaner. Inadequate or improper cleaners for pools can cause damage to your tiles. Make sure you use a pH-balanced cleaning product specially made for this purpose.

2) Make use of a hose A hose can be utilized to clean the entire surface of the tile at once, making it much easier to avoid localized spots that may become difficult to clean afterward.

3.) Soak the tiles for a night. - After rinsing with water, soak the tiles into a tub or basin that is filled with freshwater for at least 12 hours before scrubbing them clean. This will allow any built-up contaminants and toxins to be completely removed.

4.) Scrub gently. Do not use hard scrubbing tools or abrasives on your tiles for swimming pools; instead, you should use a soft brush and some lukewarm water. You can cause serious damage to the tile's surface when you scrub too vigorously.

Tips to Maintain Pool Tile

If you own a swimming pool and you use tiles for decoration, then you are accountable for the maintenance of it. The following are some tips for keeping your tile in good shape:

1) Clean the tiles regularly with a brush or a pool cleaner. Be sure to scrub the edges of the tiles.

2) Do not use chlorine or any other chemically aggressive chemicals on your tile. These chemicals can damage the surface of your tile.

3.) Don't leave leaves, toys, or other objects on top of the tiles. This could cause damage to your tile as well as water damage.

4.) Keep tracks of the frequency of cleaning your tile , and when you should replace any tiles that are wearing down (such as grout). This will save you cash on cleaning costs over time.


Pool tile is an important element of keeping a clean pool. Follow these steps to keep your tiled pool looking good:

1. Use a degreaser on a hoover or a bucket to remove algae, dirt, leaves and other debris off the tile's surface. Make sure you rinse all residue thoroughly before applying the next cleaning agent.

2. Apply a cleaning product specifically designed for tiles and pools, such as CLR Pool & Spa Cleaner or Swimming Pool Solutions Tile & Grout Cleaner . Follow the directions on the bottle with care making sure not to scratch too hard or cause any scratches on your tile. After cleaning, wash thoroughly.

3. If you notice water spots appear on the tile, you can apply an approved spot-removing product like Spot Shot Pool Care System . Spray the stain and let it sit for five minutes. Rinse it off with the hose or faucet.

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